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More than ever people are struggling with their mental health, it8217;s so common to have some form of anxiety, depression, or overwhelm. It8217;s never been more important to do everything you can to protect your mental well-being. With so many triggers and difficult aspects of life that are out of our control, doing a few small things can have a big impact on our wellness. This is especially true for working towards having a clean and organized home. I just read your post on 10 Things I Do Every Day to Keep a Clean and Organized Home. As someone who shares the same passion for keeping my home clean I think you are doing an excellent job with this. Thank you for writing this! It was really inspiring to read about all of your tips. Good article. It is a hard job to keep a house clean if there are small kids. I instruct my kids to do small cleaning jobs so that they will know the importance valve of cleaning when they mature. Also if the kids are big and know as much as necessary to do the basics like making the bed, it will be a great help for us mothers.